How to optimise your website for Google’s new update’ Core Web Vitals’ in 2022?

How to optimise your website for Google’s new update’ Core Web Vitals’ in 2022?

How to optimise your website for Google’s new update’ Core Web Vitals’ in 2022?

Google has considered Page Experience as a critical ranking factor since June 2021. Page Experience consists of different factors that are considered important by Google when determining the overall positive customer experience, including mobile-friendliness, serving the page via HTTPS, safe browsing (a.k.a. not having any malware on your page), and the absence of intrusive elements such as those annoying pop-ups.

Core Web Vital elements  are very important to improve your site’s Page Experience.There are three key elements to measure and they are as follows.

1.Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP is the loading time of a pages soon as it starts loading. It will start when someone click on a link and then most of the content on a screen becomes visible.

TTFB (Time to First Byte) and FCP (First Contextual Paint) are  two other page speed metrics.TTFB also known as server response time, is actually the time it takes for the browser to receive the first byte in response to the browser request.

To understand more about your LCP score, check the GT Metrix or Google PageSpeed Insights tool. It will provide insights on the sections that need improvement. It will deliver real-time information on the speed performance of your page based on browser data. You can also find your score at Google Search Console.

For a good user experience, you should be aiming for an LCP of 1.2 seconds or less.

2. Total Blocking Time ( TBT)


TBT measures the total amount of time that a web page is blocked from responding to user input. For instance, mouse clicks, screen taps, or keyboard press activities. The sum of TBT is calculated by adding the blocking portion of all lengthy tasks between First Contentful Paint and Time To Interactive. Any task that executes for more than 50 ms is a lengthy task. The amount of time which is calculated after 50 ms is the blocking portion.

For a better user experience, you should look for a TBT of 150 milliseconds or less.


3.Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS is focusing on the stability of the webpage when it is loading. It means that clickable and visual page elements should be stable and should not shift unexpectedly. You’re likely to get a high CLS score  if the navigation, images, and other content on the page  keep on shifting.

A low CLS score will make sure that the page is stable and loading fast.

For a good user experience, you need to be aiming for a CLS score of 0.1 or less

So our suggestion is to make sure that the site is loading fast and compliant with Core Web Vitals and it will  evaluate the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of websites

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