How to develop a SEO Strategy for small business?

How to develop a SEO Strategy for small business?

How do you outrank your competitors in Cambridge via SEO?

For many Cambridge businesses, understanding why local SEO matters is a useful – and very important – factor in your business growth. If you don’t accept or appreciate the importance of advanced SEO services , then you can likely never dominate the local landscape. Many business owners tend to see online and offline marketing as two different universes. While dominating locally can have a decent effect on your online visibility, dominating online is sure to get you noticed locally more effectively. This is why, at Digital Media Connect, we provide as many local SEO Strategy as we can – to help benefit both sides of the marketing coin. If you have been looking at your own business and want to make changes, but are unsure of where to start, then come and speak to us. We can take a closer look at your business to help you see where you might be going wrong locally. However, to know that, you have to know what the major benefits of such a service would be in the first place. Those who want to benefit from local SEO should look out for the following:

Having a good local SEO presence means you have less competition to beat on the street. Those who look for help online will come to you first, and then may drop in locally. Local SEO Strategy allows you to offer specific content and ideas that suits your needs for SEO in Cambridge. More importantly, it makes sure that you get to give people who are local important, specific information that tallies well with search engines as well as readers

Since you know the local area well you can easily market your business and your online content with a local slant to it. Offer solutions for local issues and use your chance to get SEO Strategy rankings as a way to help people as much to profit from them. If your blog can offer out some free advice, some nice links and some pretty good deals outside of what you offer, then you can become a useful authority in the local area just by boosting SEO with value.

Using SEO to try and boost your business means that you can likely offer easy access to localised information in Cambridge, too. From Cambridge events to historical timelines of the region, you can easily give people access to information they would not get from similar businesses in the area. Having that extra bit of usefulness and friendly assistance can go a very long way to making sure that your business can take those next steps from being helpful to the #1 choice.

  • Specific and localised value
  • Offer solutions for free
  • Provide insight and information

With this in mind, then, local SEO should not be something that you doubt again in a hurry! Useful, effective and something that builds your reputation as much as your ranking. This is what local SEO, when carried out by experts who understand the role, can offer your business if you are willing to make the effort!

The Future of Digital Marketing; how to boost your business online

Digital marketing is constantly moving, with changes to the way we communicate, advertise and promote our business; it seems that things change on an almost constant basis.

One thing that doesn’t change of course, is the aim of your digital marketing. Whether you are looking at paid ads, email marketing, viral videos or SEO  in particular; you will want to make sure that as many people as possible click through to your website.

Here to help, we have put together our guide to some of the current SEO Strategy to boosting your business online.

Be personal and emotional where you can

We all know that SEO should be a huge focus of anything you post online, but it may not always inspire people to click through into the post or your website. If you have the opportunity to, try and make the titles (not to mention the content) as personable as you can.

Customers are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer if you present it in an emotional way. Especially if your service or product can solve a common issue that may cause stress to them.

Use a numbered list

Have you seen those blogs that titles such as “The 28 best things to cook for dinner”? These types of posts are thought to increase the click through rate of customers. Perhaps it is because they know that they are going to get a simple to read list of information? Or maybe it is simply because they are tempted to see if you can come up with 28 things to cook?

Take advantage of power words

It isn’t just how you put your headline or content together that can appeal, sometimes it is simply a case of looking at the words that you use.

The highest clicked on posts or websites often use an assortment of eye-catching and emotionally charged words which make people want to continue reading. These include words such as dramatically, amazing, secret and instant.

Most of which are easy enough to add into your headline.

Make sure even your URL is descriptive

Did you know that you can change your URL to be something more interesting than the standard URL? This could be used to gain more interest in what you have posted as well as showcase what they can expect to find and learn from your post.

These are just some of the ways that you can embrace the world of digital marketing; both past and present. All of which can ensure that you are making the most of your website.

If you are based in Cambridge and want to understand more about the power of search engine optimisation and other aspects of digital marketing; then get in touch with SEO Cambridge experts Digital Media Connect and let us guide you through the process.

Looking for a SEO Cambridgeshire company that can help you? We know exactly what it takes to make sure that your business is an online success and will work with you to develop your brand and get you firmly on the map!

Learn and gain more digital marketing knowledge from digital marketing experts

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