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Pay per click advertising, also known as Google Ads is a great way to reach the potential audience and promote your brand. It is an online marketing that allows you to purchase sponsored links on search engine result pages, websites and blogs. You are required to pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad.With search marketing, your website appears on the SERPs when a user types relevant keyword or phrase. Google Ads and SEO help you in boosting your online presence and making you interact with the prospective clients. Both techniques work really well in the digital world. They not only take you to your audience but also contribute to increasing sales and revenues. At Digital Media Connect, we do impactful and lucrative pay per click advertising to make your business a profitable enterprise. We do an in-depth analysis of your business to develop a Google Ads strategy that takes you closer to getting a high return on every penny you spend. You can rest assured that our PPC ads on Google and Bing will be a good value for money. For us, your satisfaction matters the most, and for that reason, we put our efforts to deliver the best to you.

PPC strategy

We work collaboratively with you and gather information regarding your business, competitors and unique selling points. Once all the essential information is with us, we start creating a PPC strategy that meets your business requirements and delivers results as desired.

Keywords We choose keywords that work well with your business. The target keywords play a vital role in displaying your site on the SERPs. Moreover, we apply various tactics to ensure you are covering the search landscape in an efficient manner.
Ad copy writing Marketing cannot be made effectual unless it is accompanied with genuine and relevant content. Therefore, we do professional ad copy writing that is mainly focused on the target keywords and the landing page of your website.
PPC optimisation We keep track of the PPC results and optimise the PPC campaign to make it more refined. We pay proper attention to every aspect of the process. Let it be the click through rate or cost per click, we analyse everything to make the most of the search marketing.

Report We keep you updated by creating detailed reports regarding the performance of the PPC campaign. The report comprises of our methods and how they are driving results. We also provide important insight into what your competitors are doing and how you differ from them.

You can reach us at 01954 710811 or you can send your email at

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