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There are around 1 billion searches a month at the moment.Voice queries are rapidly growing and it is predicted that almost 50% of all searches on all devices will be voice related searches by 2022. 40% adults  now use voice search once in a day.

How to optimise your website for voice search?

We can help optimise your website for voice queries and we are the only agency in Cambridge for voice search based SEO and related services.

Voice queries are longer than keyword based text queries.Conversational keywords and question based keywords are getting more popular for voice searches.So, we need to make sure to optimise for those phrases.We recommend developing new content and strategy to address voice related queries, in what’s said by the device and in what the web page displays to the hands-free user.

Local voice search is also growing.Since most of the searches are used for local information,  it is important to claim and update Google My Business listing.This can help enhance your website for local searches in Google  when a search is done related to your business or industry.

Market leaders in the voice searching industry are the following:

  • Google – Google Assistant for Google Home
  • Microsoft – Cortana for Windows
  • Apple – Siri for Iphone
  • Amazon – Alexa for Echo

For more information on voice search marketing services, you can reach us at 01954 710811 or you can send your email at

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