Will it be TikTok the most popular social network in 2022?

Will it be TikTok the most popular social network in 2022?

TikTok is predicted to the most popular social network for marketing 

Instagram has been the number 1 among social media marketing industry  for the past few years. It has been growing fast and it  had the highest returns on investment. This is going to change

TikTok is now going to be  the 7th most popular social network in the world.

Excluding messaging networks, TikTok has become the 4th most popular social media network after Instagram.

In January 2021, it only had 689 million users, now it’s user base has grown up to 1 billion in less than a year.

Google Search Trends shows that TikTok fully dominates Instagram Reels.

People search for  TikTok  has grown by 173%. On the other hand,  search for Instagram Reels has only grown by 22%. Also, it has decreased by 33% for Stories.

Short videos featuring Microsoft spreadsheet programme Excel have become hugely popular on the platform recently.

TikTok is rolling out Creator Next, a single hub for all monetisaation tools.In a post on TikTok’s newsroom, TikTok explains that alongside Creator Next, it’s also widely introducing its tipping feature, which lets users send money directly to their favorite creators.

If you are still not considering TikTok for your business, you can consider it now. We recommend to create a profile on TikTok and use different features.

Get in touch with  us if you want to deliver a social media marketing strategy focussing on TikTok.

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